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Foshan partner electromechanical Co. company based on mutual benefit and common development principles, to the most preferential prices, the best quality products, the most perfect service is the hottest investment, let us win-win cooperation, welcome a person with breadth of vision development vision of the selection of the company's products.
Distribution rights to obtain the condition:
To have a fixed place of business, fixed sales network and complete the sales team, rich experience, have good commercial reputation, social relations in the local, and have a certain economic strength.
Dealership service support: satisfy our dealers authorized standard, to obtain distribution rights of customers, we will give the following support:
(1), the protection of regional sales.
(2), access to manufacturers of network promotion support and advertising support.
(3), to provide terminal, promotional support (specific conditions shall prevail in the interview).
(4), quality problems within two years of quality assurance.
(5), according to the amount of free delivery volume with color pictures and data and terminal promotional items.
(6), free offers a full set of advertising model, provide free color pages of publicity materials and terminal promotional items.
(7), provides a set of network market development, market promotion, customer management, customer service service supports the full range and corresponding manuals and materials.

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